Thrill over and be enthralled with the different activities within the resort or nearby adventure places.



Be one with marine life as you snorkel in one of the snorkeling and dive spots in Sual, Pangasinan


Hundred Islands Boat Tour

Check a visit to the Hundred Islands National Park off your bucket list as it is just several minutes away from the resort. Enjoy the island-hopping escapade with a private motored banca driven by Masamirey’s local boatmen.


Coastline Fishing

Experience coastline fishing with the managsigays or fishermen of Masamirey beach and learn their local culture as well as enjoy the bounties of the sea with a meal of your fresh catch.


Dining and Drinking

You want to dine and drink within the confines of the resort, by the beach or under the moonlit sky? Special arrangements can be made to your delight.


Sual Day Tour 

Experience Sual for a day with the special day tour of the Sual Power Plant, Cabalitian Island and Matico Waterfalls



Engage in exhilarating water sports activities like kayaking as provided by the resort.