Masamirey Cove Resort: A Sweet Escape in an Idyllic Cove

The big city has its own appeal but while we all love a good view of dazzling urban lights, nothing compares to the serenity that the ocean brings. If you’re in for a road trip this weekend, we found the perfect spot to help you slow down and reconnect with nature.

Located in a humble fishing village in Sual, Pangasinan is this relatively new place called Masamirey Cove Resort. It’s about five to six-hour drive from Manila and located quite far from the town area so make sure to prepare for a long drive. Wondering if it’s worth making the effort? Definitely. Especially if you enjoy exploring hidden gems and want to veer away from the more famous tourist spots.

The resort has a very intimate vibe with only 11 rooms available. Each room is spacious, though, and has all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. The sliding doors are also great as it allows the natural light in, giving a more refreshing view from the inside. The interiors are calming and beautiful with minimal lines complemented with a relaxing neutral color palette.

“Because of the location, we did not want a design that would not relate to the context of the area. So the design we did was a mix of tropical and contemporary. We also used local materials and integrated them into the design as accents,” shared the owner, JC Arcinue.

There’s an inviting concrete walkway leading to the resort’s restaurant where you can order Filipino favorites like Binakol (PHP250). This one is a must-try. The broth is deliciously light, sweet, and flavorful. You can also try their Grilled Beef Ribs (PHP290). The meat is juicy and tender and perfectly goes well with the honey. (Just a tip: You can get fresh seafood here like uni (about PHP150 pesos for a whole net!)crabs, fish, and oysters, and have it cooked at the resort’s restaurant.)

Next to the restaurant is the resort’s stunning infinity pool. There are sun beds and cabanas where you can simply read a book, nap, or just enjoy the sea breeze. It’s facing the beachfront, too, so can always take in the simple coastal life. The view is mesmerizing, especially as the splashing blue waves hit the powdery white sand.

There are also other things to do in the resort aside from basking in the sun, snorkeling, and kayaking. Set the alarm early in the morning to catch the sunrise and take time to learn how to fish and interact with the local fishing community (the resort can arrange it for you). You can also go island hopping and visit Cabalitian Island or the famous Hundred Islands, or take a trip to Sual Power Station which is the Philippines’ largest coal-powered plant.

Masamirey Beach Resort offers a tranquil getaway. Top it off with different activities you can do and it’s sure to be a memorable trip!

Masamirey Beach Resort is located at Baybay Norte, Sual, Pangasinan. For inquiries, call +63 917 136 5931 or visit their website.